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Kismet Wines

Delicious lunch and view at Kismet’s Masala Bistro.

One of the pleasures of visiting a wine region is that wine country is farm country. Farm-to-table eating is the norm and there is always a good array of choices ready to provide the very best that the season has to offer. British Columbia’s wine country is no different. From high end winery restaurants to casual lunch spots, we found something to please every palate, all paired with a stunning view of the Okanagan Valley.

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Okanagan BC Winery

The original OMG Sparkling label.

When Blasted Church Vineyards first burst onto the Canadian wine scene in 2002, the BC winery instantly turned heads with the colourful and irreverent labels that adorned its bottles. From the “OMG” Sparkling Wine to the “Unorthodox” Chardonnay, it was clear from the start that the winery was willing to poke a little fun at themselves. Their wine on the other hand, is no laughing matter.

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The stunning winery at Phantom Creek.

Phantom Creek Estates is the latest name to be added to the growing list of ultra-premium wine purveyors in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. We spent an afternoon touring the amazing facility with their CEO and then tasting with their winemaker. It was a great opportunity to get an inside look at this year’s most talked about winery in the Okanagan.

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Okanagan BC wine

The 100 point Little Pawn Chardonnay.

Just a few years into its relatively short life, CheckMate Artisanal Winery in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley was the first Canadian winery to earn perfect 100-point scores in back to back vintages for one of its Chardonnays. How do they meet the immense expectations from critics and wine consumers as a result? Like any good chess player, it starts with a plan to ensure your always thinking a few steps ahead.

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Winery sign Okanagan BC

Black Hills Estate

Black Hills Estate is one of British Columbia’s most famous wineries having set the bar in terms of quality and consistency in the Okanagan Valley for the past two decades. Their new winemaker is currently harvesting his second vintage with them and already proving that the winery is in extremely capable hands.

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walla walla washington wine

Washington’s Leonetti Vineyards during the wildfires of 2015.

This September has been horrible for pretty much all of the winemaking regions in California, Oregon and Washington. Wildfires are burning in each of those states and pose considerable danger to this year’s harvest and to the vineyards and the people living and working in those regions. British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley may face risk as well. The physical danger posed by these fires is very real and our hearts go out to all those affected; they are in our thoughts and we are sending up our wishes for their safety.

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Veuve Clicquot: Extra Brut Extra Old

Veuve Clicquot: Extra Brut Extra Old

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Veuve bottle cork

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne

The Champagne house Veuve Clicquot might just be the region’s most recognizable name. Its distinctive yellow/orange label is the envy of every marketing grad across the world as Veuve Clicquot’s brand identity is unsurpassed. Now a part of luxury brand owner LMVH, Veuve Clicquot is a marketing powerhouse within a marketing powerhouse.

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BC winery napa valley fruit

Frank Gigliotti

Cavallo is the latest project of Frank Gigliotti, the record executive turned management consultant who decided to drop his business career and focus on the two things he loves most: wine and music. Frank is a high-energy entrepreneur who has a passion for everything he does, especially when it comes to making wine.

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