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summerland bc winery

WInemaker Alison Moyes.

If the inaugural release of Solvero Wines is any indication of what’s to come from one of BC’s newest wineries, there is a very bright rising star in the Okanagan wine region. Our visit to the winery marks the first time we’ve been motivated to do so solely based on a sample being sent to us. That sample impressed us so much we immediately made plans to visit. What we discovered was a very personal, uber-focused approach to quality, quite literally built on steely determination, and anchored by an equally passionate and talented winemaker.

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Our first AdVINEture to northern Italy’s Friuli Venezia-Giulia region and Istria in northern Croatia revealed a wine traveller’s paradise. The countryside is beautiful and as of now quite unspoiled by tourists. The culinary scene is top notch with some outstanding restaurants, (several with Michelin stars) and the cuisine shows the diversity of the many countries that have influenced both regions. Gems like these do not remain undiscovered for long in the tourism world so we recommend getting there before the secret is out. Both areas are accessed easily via Venice so we spent a few days there too for good measure! Click on the video link below for a glimpse of highlights including winery visits to Jermann, Coronica, Kozlović, and Meneghetti:

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wine travel destinations

8 unusual wine destinations worth checking out

For the adventurous wine lover seeking to explore unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences, the world offers plenty of unconventional wine tourism destinations. Our latest article for The Daily Hive here reveals some hidden gems awaiting beyond the famed vineyards of France, Italy, and California. Croatia, China, Mexico, Georgia, the Canary Islands, Uruguay, India, and Chile all offer something delicious worth seeking out.

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willamette valley winery

Winemaker Guillaume Large.

We’ve had several visits to Résonance Wines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We always make it a stop whenever we are in Oregon because the wines are just that good. Résonance is the Oregon outpost of the iconic Burgundian domaine of Louis Jadot. The winery is now run by Jadot’s former cellar master, Guillaume Large. On our most recent visit, Guillaume and his wife Lucie took us on a walk of this beautiful property and showed us something very unique and very special indeed.

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ROCO Winery: Keeping an Open Mind

ROCO Winery: Keeping an Open Mind

Posted on Aug 30, 2023

Newberg Oregon Willamette Valley wine

Rollin Soles.

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Oregon wine trailblazer Rollin Soles on three separate occasions. The reason we rank him as one of our favourite interviewees is that his knowledge and experience is not only an absolute treasure trove to mine as wine writers, but he delivers his nuggets of wisdom in the most unpretentious and straightforward way. Despite our two previous conversations, Rollin still managed to take us aback during our most recent meeting…twice.

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Okanagan BC wildfires and wine

Adjusting to the new normal.

The world has been watching as the Okanagan is once again dealing with severe wildfires this summer.  The current situation in the Okanagan is largely under control and travel restrictions have been eased after devastating fires ripped through the area this summer. The sense of relief is palpable from the community, but with that relief comes the stark realization that severe wildfire threats are no longer an unusual event, they are now an annual concern. Our latest article for the Daily Hive here explores the challenges as well as how people can help to support the BC wine industry.

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Momjan Istria Croatia

The beauty of Istria on full display at Kozlović.

Our first visit to Istria, Croatia, revealed a region of striking beauty along with wines of excellent quality. Kozlović Winery is a gorgeous estate situated amidst rolling hills and lush vineyards, offering a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding countryside. The location alone evokes a sense of tranquility that sets the stage for a most memorable wine experience.

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Dundee Hills AVA

The tasting salon at Découverte Vineyard.

Centred amidst the vines of its Découverte Vineyard in Oregon’s northern Willamette Valley is Résonance’s enchanting new tasting room known as Salon. Opened in June 2023, this architectural gem effortlessly blends into the picturesque landscape of its second estate vineyard, creating a truly captivating visitor experience.

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