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Posted on Mar 3, 2021

Sonoma Valley wine

Scott and Marta at Wildcat Mountain Vineyard.

Our latest virtual winemaker interview is with the incredibly talented and engaging Scott & Marta Rich of Talisman Wine in Sonoma, California. Talisman is a small production winery that makes exclusively Pinot Noir from approximately 10 different vineyards throughout the region. We discovered their wines about 8 years ago at their charming tasting room in Glen Ellen (managed by the wonderful Amanda Lorren), and have been diehard fans ever since. In 2019, we interviewed Scott & Marta at Wildcat Vineyard which ended up being one of our most memorable interviews to date. In this virtual follow up, we talk about everything from the vineyards they work with, how the fires affected the 2020 vintage, how they’ve adapted to COVID, and their current release which marks their 25th vintage. Click on the video below to meet the exceptional people behind truly exceptional wines…


*Video editing by Kara Byrne*




    I love this idea for a virtual interview – fantastically done and insightful. Funnily enough we also have a Talisman Wines over here in Western Australia! If possible it would be great if you could have the transcript available for the above too – I’m not always able to listen in. Thanks guys!

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    • Thank you Casey and great feedback…we’re new to the “virtual” interview so it’s a work in progress! And yes, I remember when we first met them years ago, I went to the Aussie site by accident!

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    What a great fun interview! So I actually made a 6 degrees of separation connection here. My first (and only) time harvesting grapes was for a Sparkling Wine Project in Sta. Rita Hills with Wes Hagen and Norm of Flying Goat!
    I appreciate them sharing how these constant fires will change things for them, preparing with generators and updating contracts. I’m sure that will be happening all over CA, OR and WA.
    Being a girl who rarely finds herself in possession of large format bottles, I was interested that he finds that they age more gracefully!
    Their work with local artists is inspiring. Having a dear friend who is an artist, I often hear about how much the gallery normally takes on a sale. I understand, galleries have to make a living too, but I love that he just covers costs allowing more to go to the artist. I also adore his project hiring a photographer to photograph the growers!
    They really seem like such wonderful people. What a terrific interview!

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    • Thank you Robin, always so much easier when there’s already a rapport (and as you can see they’re so warm and genuine). As for the large format bottles and ageing, we’ve heard that from several people now so it seems to be an accepted truth. And of course, with your background, I’m sure you can appreciate how truly community/family focused they are in every sense of the word! We truly hope you get there, we are certain you would love their wines as much as their philosophies!

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