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Rose wine glass

A glass or Rosé on a summer’s day.

Every year about this time, the craving starts. As summer starts showing signs of arrival, our palates turn to something a bit lighter and more refreshing than the dependable, comforting reds that have gotten us through the winter. As the weather warms up, Rosé is calling and we’re more than happy to pick up a glass and answer.

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Less than a year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were visiting the Napa Valley. We drove up Spring Mountain to meet with Stuart Smith of Smith-Madrone Vineyards. Stu is a favourite interview for us, as he always brings a very informed and very authentic perspective to what is happening on the ground. A ground he’s been familiar with for 5 decades. We thought he would be the perfect person to re-visit with for our latest video AdVINEture.

Napa Valley wine spring mountain

Stuart Smith

Harvest 2020 brought fire not just to their doorstep but on their property which you’ll see from the extraordinary footage included. We picked his brain on the challenges facing winemaking in Napa and what keeps him going 50 years later. You won’t want to miss the wine he names as what got him into winemaking (spoiler alert: it’s definitely not what you think!). Click on the link above to learn more about the wine world according to Stu.

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BC winery napa valley fruit

Frank Gigliotti

Cavallo is the latest project of Frank Gigliotti, the record executive turned management consultant who decided to drop his business career and focus on the two things he loves most: wine and music. Frank is a high-energy entrepreneur who has a passion for everything he does, especially when it comes to making wine.

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spring mountain napa valley

The gorgeous view at Barnett Vineyards on Spring Mountain.

For the past two decades, we’ve been visiting the Napa and Sonoma Valleys almost annually. The two Valleys run parallel, separated by the Mayacamas Mountains in northern California. Both are terrific tourist destinations and among the top wine regions in the United States. While Sonoma is much larger in terms of vineyard area and variety of wines produced, Napa is the better-known region of the two with a world-class reputation built on Cabernet Sauvignon. For years, wine enthusiasts have debated the difference between the Cabernets produced on the Valley floor versus those produced from fruit higher up on the mountainsides.

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Our latest Video AdVINEture features highlights from our visit last year to the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. We were fortunate to re-visit some favourites such as Talisman WinesLaurel Glen Vineyard, and St. Francis Vineyards, along with first-time visits to Smith-Madrone, Grgich Hills, and Barnett Vineyards. While we wait for travel to be opened up again, we hope you’ll enjoy this montage of winemaker clips from a region we look forward to returning to as soon as possible!



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