La Chablisienne: A Collective Force in Chablis Wines

Posted on Apr 24, 2024

La Chablisienne.

Situated in the heart of the esteemed Chablis wine region in Burgundy, France, La Chablisienne demonstrates the power of collaboration and collective effort in winemaking. Established in 1923, La Chablisienne is a cooperative of talented winemakers who joined forces to showcase the unique terroir and exceptional quality of Chablis wines to the world.

Okanagan Valley BC wine

Harvested Chardonnay grapes.

La Chablisienne was founded at a time when the wine industry in Chablis was facing significant challenges. The region had been devastated by phylloxera, a vineyard louse in the late 19th century, followed by the economic hardships of World War I. To revitalize the region’s wine production, a group of visionary winemakers came together to form a cooperative, pooling their resources and expertise to create wines under the La Chablisienne label.

Today, La Chablisienne is one of the largest wine producers in Chablis, comprised of more 300 individual vineyard plots, spread across 1,250 hectares in 17 villages. Those plots include some of the best (and oldest) vineyards in the region. This extensive network of vineyards allows La Chablisienne to source grapes from a variety of terroirs, each contributing particular characteristics to their wines.

Chablis Burgundy France

Old vines in Chablis.

For the first three decades, cooperative members sent their fruit to La Chablisienne, which handled blending and sales, primarily to wholesalers.

However, La Chablisienne aimed for a distinct style of its own. Consequently, it was agreed that the harvest would be delivered as musts (unfermented juice), a unique practice that has since defined the brand, granting full control over winemaking processes.

Compared to other wineries in Chablis, La Chablisienne’s size and scale are impressive, yet it retains a commitment to quality and a deep respect for the traditions that have defined Chablis winemaking for centuries.

Wines of distinct quality.

La Chablisienne is known for producing a wide range of Chablis wines, from crisp, mineral-driven Petit Chablis to the complex Grand Crus. Their Petit Chablis wines are earlier drinking wines expected to reach their peak after one to three years, while Chablis typically requires two to five years, depending on the cuvée. Chablis Premier Crus and Chablis Grand Crus possess greater aging potential, benefiting from five to ten years of cellaring.

Their wines are celebrated for their purity of fruit, vibrant acidity, and distinct minerality. The region’s Kimmeridgian soil, rich in fossilized oyster shells and clay, imparts a distinct minerality to the wines, while the cool climate and limestone-rich subsoil contribute to their crisp acidity and elegance.

Chablis France

The renown Kimmeridgian soil in Chablis

La Chablisienne’s winemakers work closely with the growers to ensure that the grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness and that each vineyard’s unique characteristics are reflected in the final wines. This attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every bottle of La Chablisienne wine.

La Chablisienne plays a crucial role in the success and reputation of Chablis wines on the international stage. By prioritizing quality, innovation, and sustainability, it has helped elevated Chablis wines’ standing, spotlighting the region’s distinctive terroir and rich winemaking legacy for enthusiasts worldwide.

La Chablisienne is a compelling example demonstrating the power of collaboration and collective effort in winemaking. Through the combined talents and resources of its members, La Chablisienne has achieved a remarkable feat, producing wines that are not just high in quality but also authentic representations of Chablis’ distinctive terroir.

Tasting Notes

2021 La Chablisienne Petit Chablis Pa Si Petit

2021 La Chablisienne Petit Chablis Pa Si Petit

True the Petit Chablis form, this is a light refresher with high acidity and notes of citrus peel and green apple. Petit Chablis is never particularly intense nor complex but rewards its drinkers with juicy refreshment that is easy drinking and ideal to have as an aperitif with friends and along side crudite and other simple appetizers.

Very Good (At just 12 euros at their tasting room, this is particularly good value)

2019 La Chablisienne Chablis Les Venerables

This is more intense than the Petit and possesses a slightly rounder profile. Fruit forward with apple and pear and notes of mineral and citrus. Medium acid and medium body, this not at all austere, but nicely defined with a certain generosity. Very Good+

2019 La Chablisienne Premier Cru Les Lys

2019 La Chablisienne Premier Cru Les Lys

Les Lys sits on the Left Bank of the River Serene with a northeast exposure. Like most left bank wines, it possesses a little more nerve and steeliness than the right bank wines. Medium body with medium+ acidity this wines has a lovely intensity. It is poised and elegant and its minerality and freshness make it a Chablis-lovers Chablis – very true to its terroir. Excellent

2019 La Chablisienne Premier Cru Vaulorant

Vaulorant is over on the right bank, sandwhiched between the other Grand Crus. It is sometimes referred to as the 8th Grand Cru of Chablis. This is a lovely Vaulorant showing the roundness and generosity of the right bank. Loaded with intensity this wine comes forward with apple, pear, candied lemon and lots of minerality. Excellent

2019 La Chablisienne Grand Cru Chateau Grenouilles

2019 La Chablisienne Grand Cru Chateau Grenouilles

Grenouilles is considered Chablis royalty. A lot of praise gets heaped upon Les Clos, and deservedly so. But Les Clos is the largest of the Grand Cru climats and Grenouilles is the smallest at only 10 hectares. This means you are really getting a site-specific wine. And of those 10 hectares, La Chablisienne owns 7.2. This is a beautiful Grand Cru showing apple and other orchard fruits, minerals and a slight saline quality. Youthful with bright acidity it is already complex and will continue to develop for at least a decade, maybe 2. There is depth to the texture which affords the wine a rounded mouthfeel. Spectacular!


One of the largest producers in Chablis.


La Chablisienne

8, Boulevard Pasteur

B.P 14

89800 Chablis – France

T: +33 (0)3 86 42 89 89




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