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Posted on Aug 16, 2023

Dundee Hills AVA

The tasting salon at Découverte Vineyard.

Centred amidst the vines of its Découverte Vineyard in Oregon’s northern Willamette Valley is Résonance’s enchanting new tasting room known as Salon. Opened in June 2023, this architectural gem effortlessly blends into the picturesque landscape of its second estate vineyard, creating a truly captivating visitor experience.

Découverte translated to English means ‘discover’ providing a perfectly appropriate invitation to enjoy some of Résonance’s wines at their place of origin.

Salon tasting room

Découverte Vineyard in the Dundee Hills AVA.

The Dundee Hills AVA is renowned for its unique terroir, featuring a microclimate that is ideal for cultivating world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Résonance’s Découverte Vineyard sits within the tenderloin district of this AVA flanked by several of its top Oregon counterparts including Domaine Drouhin, White Rose, Domaine Serene, and Archery Summit.

Designed and built with meticulous attention to detail, the Salon tasting room is a masterful fusion of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

Dundee Hills AVA

Inside Salon tasting room at Découverte vineyard.

Its clean lines and expansive windows offer panoramic views of the vines rolling down the hillslopes, creating an immersive connection between visitors and the terroir that gives birth to some of Résonance’s most celebrated wines.

The tasting room’s brilliant design extends well beyond its visual appeal. Sustainable practices were at the heart of its construction, utilizing locally sourced materials along with innovative design elements that minimize its ecological footprint. The building’s layout has been thoughtfully conceived to optimize energy efficiency, enhancing the overall harmony between the human-made structure and its surrounding environment.

At the heart of the Salon tasting room experience is the Découverte vineyard itself that encircles it.

Découverte Vineyard dundee hills ava

Winemaker Guillaume Large.

The vineyard is carefully tended by talented winemaker Guillaume Large and his team. The former cellar master for Maison Louis Jadot in Burgundy, Guillaume was handpicked by the winery to lead their Oregon Résonance project which has very quickly garnered worldwide critical acclaim.

The unique Jory soil composition, coupled with the region’s favorable microclimate, imbues the grapes with a character that is unmistakably Oregonian.

Dundee Hills AVA

The distinct Jory soil at Découverte.

Each sip of Résonance’s Découverte vineyard wines encapsulate the essence of the land, carrying with it a symphony of flavors that tell the story of the Dundee Hills.

As visitors step through the Salon’s doors, they are welcomed into a realm where every sense is pampered, and every detail curated to perfection. The knowledgeable and passionate staff led by Tasting Room Manager, Corey Friesen, guide you through the flight of Résonance’s Découverte Vineyard wines.

The vineyard’s reputation as a producer of exceptional grapes translates directly into the wines that grace the tasting room’s selection, promising an experience that is as educational as it is indulgent.

Dundee Hills AVA

A truly worthy tasting experience.

The tastefully appointed interior, with its warm hues and contemporary furnishings, offers a cozy and intimate setting for savoring the wines and contemplating their delicious complexity.

Beyond the wine itself, the Résonance Salon tasting room offers an array of experiences that cater to diverse preferences. From guided tastings that delve deep into the nuances of the wines to educational tours of the vineyard, guests have the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of the winemaking process at Résonance. Additionally, the tasting room plays host to exclusive events, providing an avenue for enthusiasts to deepen their appreciation for the world of wine.

Resonance Winery Dundee Hills

At harmony with the land.

Résonance’s enchanting new tasting room in the Dundee Hills AVA is a harmonious blend of design, viticultural prowess, and immersive experience. It seamlessly marries the elegance of architecture with the splendor of nature, creating an oasis where wine lovers can truly connect with the land, the art of winemaking, and each other. For those seeking a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary, a visit to Résonance’s Salon is an absolute must.

Tasting Notes

Decouverte Salon tasting room

2022 Résonance Rosé of Pinot Noir

2022 Résonance Rosé of Pinot Noir

100% Pinot Noir from grapes grown at Découverte and Jolie-Monts in Yamhill Carlton. Light salmon in colour. Very intense flavours of strawberry and apple skins. Subtle notes of grapefruit are joined by wet stone making this a complex wine that is well suited to the dining table. This rosé is a standout in a category that can sometimes tend toward mediocrity. Cries out for a plate of fresh oysters!

Excellent (USD $32)

2020 Résonance Les Coteaux Chardonnay

decouverte salon tasting room

2020 Résonance Les Coteaux Chardonnay

From the same two vineyards as the rosé, this is one of the leaders in Oregon’s new found expertise with this varietal. Green/gold in colour, this is a very mineral-driven Chardonnay. Medium body with medium+ acidity, this is really terrific Chardonnay. The flavours show green apple and citrus notes. Very focused and crisp without being lean. A new world Montrachet? Comparisons aside, this is  excellent Chardonnay and no doubt is destined to develop more for those with enough patience to let it sit in the cellar a while.

Excellent+ (USD $48 -particularly good value at this price level*)

2019 Résonance Les Coteaux Pinot Noir

Fruit from Résonance Vineyard (75%) and Découverte Vineyard (25%). Medium to dark red in colour, Medium to dark red, showing notes of cherry and cranberry with lovely floral undertones. There are notes of earth and underbrush that bring plenty of complexity to this red fruit-driven wine. The finish shows wet stone and hints of baking spice. Tremendous poise and finesse. Excellent (USD$55)

2018 Résonance Découverte Vineyard Pinot Noir

Dundee Hills AVA Oregon

2018 Résonance Découverte Vineyard Pinot Noir

100% Pommard clone from the bowl shaped vineyard surrounding the tasting room. Medium to dark red in colour. A darker red fruit profile than on the Les Coteaux, this shows dark cherry notes with floral accents. Medium+ body and medium+ acidity there is terrific balance to this wine. The finish is long and shows spice and earth notes to go with raspberry fruit tones. Slightly masculine in style but with exquisite manners! Excellent+ (USD$80).


Dundee Hills AVA Oregon

An absolutely must-stop for Oregon wine lovers.

Tasting Salon at Découverte Vineyard

17050 NW Archery Summit Rd

Dayton, Oregon 97114

T: (971) 999-1603


Hours: Daily 11am-5pm *Reservations recommended*



    What a beautiful tasting room and experience! Definitely bookmarking for our next OR visit. BTW…I hope you two aren’t too adversely affected by the wildfires?

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    I have to say, your description of the tasting room – warm hues and contemporary furnishings, cozy and intimate setting – make me want to visit on a cool autumn or winter day and stay for a long time! A taste of each please!

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    • We’d be hard pressed to decide whether a warm sunny day or a cool autumn day would be our choice…we’d truly be happy with either!

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    This is lovely! From the outside, a rustic cabin, from the inside a modern gallery with the large windows showcasing their art outside!

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    • It’s a magical spot. We love their main tasting room at Resonance but this is such an intimate and beautiful location that provides a completely different experience.

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