Can Wine Save the Planet?

Posted on Apr 17, 2024

Can wine save the planet?

Now that we have your attention, let us explain the basis of that question. Inspired by climate change and its effect on farming/agriculture, our good friends Robin and Michael Renken at Crushed Grape Chronicles have decided to focus specifically on wine growers for a special long-term project.

Taking advantage of their background in film and media, Michael and Robin are working on an initiative that will create feature shorts for film festivals including 3 feature films, with an aim to foster an interactive movement.

Napa Valley wine

A complete ecosystem is crucial in a vineyard.

Practices such as Biodynamic and Regenerative agriculture, not only enhance wine quality but also foster biodiversity by cultivating trees, vegetables, and raising animals, attracting beneficial insects. The winemaker utilizing these methods are establishing living ecosystems that isolate carbon and prevent erosion, crucial contributions to addressing climate challenges.

Despite geographical distances, the stories of these vintners are intertwined. This is a seven-year expedition that will create a multimedia and experiential path forward, inspiring the next generation with the tools, ideas, and solutions inherent in these farming methods.

The journey will follow several winemakers in their efforts, showcasing their stories as exemplars of the dedication and perseverance required to effect positive change.

Anne-Marie, Sarah & Tom Hedges of Hedges Family Estate.

The narrative is multifaceted, with explorations into side issues, incorporating new paths and ideas into the intricate tapestry of the story. Similar to the film “Biggest Little Farm”, this documentary has a broader scope, encompassing a more extensive array of individuals across diverse regions facing unique challenges in soils and climates, illustrating how each region tackles its issues and perseveres.

We’re honoured to have been invited to work with Robin and Michael as contributing writers to help tell the stories of these winemakers & wine growers.

So ‘Can Wine Save the Planet’? We invite you to follow along to find out.

*The International Documentary Association has agreed to serve as the Fiscal Sponsor, accepting this project just four days after submission. Fundraising for this initiative has commenced and as a 501(c) non-profit organization, the International Documentary Association will assist in collecting tax-deductible contributions, managing government paperwork, and ensuring funds are allocated according to the submitted budget.

Support the creation of this compelling documentary film project. Your donation will help capture these stories and shed light on the benefits of regenerative farming. Every contribution will bring closer the goal of sharing these important narratives with the world. Join us in making a difference through the power of film.



    Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. It is an honor to have the two of you join us on this project!

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    • We are the ones that are honoured…this is truly an amazing and important project!

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    Amazing project – glad you are a part of this

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