Video AdVINEture: Zencore Electric Wine Decanter

Posted on Feb 2, 2022

For the past 2 years, Zencore, the company known for its innovative small kitchen appliances, has been developing an Electric Wine Decanter. Yes, you heard that right ‘Electric’. And yes, it’s the first time we’d seen anything like it. The idea behind its unique design is to allow you to decant your wine quickly and elegantly. We took their D119 premium version for a spin and here’s our full review:

*The Zencore Electric Decanter was received as a media sample. We received no compensation for our review and all opinions are our own.*



*Video editing by Kara Byrne*



    • It holds about 310mL, the only notable disadvantage for us versus using a standard decanter.

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    Agree about the size. (I’ve never had a 375 ml that needed decanting 😉 Curious what the company’s reasoning was behind not making the capacity 750ml, do you know? Nice job Chris!

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    • We’re not sure yet. We suspect they might be thinking a glass at a time as their focus is on ‘small’ kitchen appliances but still TBD.

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