2002 Numanthia

Posted on Jul 23, 2015

2002 Numanthia Wine2002 Numanthia 

This is like the Spanish version of a Napa cult cab; and it works. Deep, impenetrably dark, the colour of  a California Central Coast Syrah. Complex nose of blackberry and raspberry joined by brown spice notes and a notable whiff of vanilla. The mouth feel is soft and plush and at age 13 it is fully mature, tannins are integrated and there is just enough acidity to keep all that fruit from going over the top. The blackfruit flavours are very intense, more reminiscent of a younger wine. Full body with a long finish.  This is surely a wine that will polarize opinions: we loved the outrageous body , mouthfeel and larger than life presence. Rajat Parr would HATE this wine for those same reasons. Vive la difference!


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