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The War on Wine Writing

The War on Wine Writing

Posted on Aug 20, 2023

We were recently sent an interesting article by our friend Carl Giavanti, a winery PR consultant based in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon PR consultant

Allison, Carl Giavanti & Chris.

The article is titled “Does Wine Writing Have to Be So Embarrassing?”. That article, written by Jason Wilson, is in fact a response to a different article written by Axel Halberstadt and published in the New York Times, titled “Maggie Harrison’s War on Wine”. Maggie Harrison is an icon in American winemaking, having made the wines for several years at Central California’s Sine Qua Non winery and now at her own Antica Terra winery in Oregon. Maggie happened to be in the restaurant at the same time we were dining with Carl in early June and he introduced us to her. Given this interconnection of events, Carl was interested in our reaction to the article.

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