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747 400 LH

A glass of champagne to kick off a new AdVINEture…

In a ‘Wine High Club’ series first, we’re featuring an airline for the 3rd time. We boarded Lufthansa for a much anticipated AdVINEture to Italy and Croatia with lofty expectations given our previous experience. With the amount of time and effort that is put into the airline’s wine selections each year, it should come as no surprise that we were duly impressed not only by the current wines being served, but also by the fact that we have yet to come across a duplicate wine selection given our frequency flying with this airline.

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Wine tasting in flight

A nice welcome from Lufthansa.

Two years. That’s how long it’s been since our last AdVINEture outside of North America. One of the last flights we took before the global pandemic ground international travel to a halt was a return flight from Europe on Lufthansa. As we anxiously prepared to travel outside the borders of Canada once again, navigating the myriad of requirements leading up to departure day proved the most challenging aspect: Are mixed vaccines accepted? Do we need a PCR or Antigen test and within what time frame? Is quarantine required? Where can we get our PCR test in destination? Do we need the new Federal Vaccine passport?

Almost two years to the day of our last overseas flight, we stepped aboard Lufthansa once again to find a much-needed steadiness amongst all the change swirling around us. One thing that has clearly remained steadfast since our travel hiatus is that Lufthansa hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to its five-star reputation.

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Wine High Club: Lufthansa Zweiter Teil (Part 2)

Wine High Club: Lufthansa

Posted on Sep 18, 2019

Wine High Club

Lufthansa’s wine and food pairings are notable.

As Europe’s first and only airline to be awarded the title of “Five-Star Airline”, high expectations follow and can often be hard to live up to. Year in and year out Lufthansa has continued to raise the bar with their dedication to both excellence and efficiency, certainly earning their reputation as one of the 10 best premium airlines in the world.

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