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Chef from BesawsFor those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a certain indescribable vibe that’s virtually impossible to explain if you’ve never spent time in this region. Often stereotyped as ‘tree-huggers’ or ‘hippies’, we have an obsessive-like relationship with our natural surroundings and an unmistakable pride around how we connect with it. We have the luxury of a milder climate and take advantage every chance we get to hike up a mountain, bike along a seawall, or slip into a kayak. This reverence for Mother Nature also extends to the bounty she provides for our consumption as we make it a priority to appreciate and enjoy all things grown locally and used in season. The epicentre of this vibe appears to be Portland, Oregon where daily farmers markets, numerous craft breweries and an innovative foodie scene is being replicated along the Pacific Northwest and beyond at an astonishing rate.

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