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Wine Country Eats: Alsace, France

Wine Country Eats: Alsace, France

Posted on Apr 26, 2023

The Alsace gastronomic scene is deeply rooted in both its history and location, which have formed its cuisine with a mix of French and German influences. The region has been under the control of both France and Germany throughout its history, and this has resulted in a unique culinary fusion that is both diverse and flavorful.

alsace france culinary scene

No shortage of great restaurants in Alsace.

The region’s traditional dishes such as choucroute (sauerkraut cooked with meat), baeckeoffe (meat and potato stew), and flammekueche (a thin-crust pizza topped with bacon, onions and crème fraiche) are adopted from its German heritage, whereas the French impact is seen more in Alsace’s wine and cheeses.

In addition to these traditional dishes, the region has also embraced modern cuisine, with chefs experimenting with local ingredients to create new and innovative dishes. The region’s restaurants range from traditional Alsatian taverns to Michelin-starred restaurants and offer a wide variety of culinary experiences.

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