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Posted on Feb 3, 2021

Domaine Nicolas-Jay is the Oregon collaboration between Jay Boberg, co-founder of I.R.S records and former President of MCA records, and Jean-Nicolas Méo, winemaker and owner of Méo Camuzet, one of the very best wineries in Burgundy. We had the wonderful privilege of interviewing them virtually to find out more about this relatively new project, the vineyards they source from, and of course, taste some of their wines. Thank you in advance for watching and please let us know what you think!


Tasting Notes

Willamette Valley Oregon wine

2018 Nicolas-Jay Affinités Chardonnay

2018 Nicolas-Jay Affinités Chardonnay

Beautiful yellow-gold colour. The nose shows orchard fruit and a lovely textured mid-palate. On the back-end we pick up crisp acidity which forms a good counter-point to the texture and adds to this wines beautiful sense of balance. Citrus notes dominate the long and intense finish. A combination of their Bishop Creek Estate fruit with select Willamette Valley vineyards filling out the blend.


2017 Nicolas-Jay Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

willamette Valley oregon wine

2017 Nicolas-Jay Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Deep red colour with just the slightest fade at the rim. Floral, elegant and very pretty, this has wonderful intensity. The cherry and pomegranate flavours are just part of the melange of red fruits that make up this already complex wine. Earth notes are a tell of Dundee Hills, in our experience, and about a third of the blend is from their home estate in the Dundee Hills. Mineral notes mix with subtle nuances of baking spice on the lingering finish.


willamette valley oregon wine

2017 Nicolas-Jay Nysa Pinot Noir

2017 Nicolas-Jay Nysa Pinot Noir

This wine was the show-stopper. A deep ruby-red colour hints at the depth and intensity that is about to come. Shortly after pouring our glasses the room was filled with the scent of Pinot Noir. We get macerated black cherry, floral notes and spices that show something slightly new each time we return to the glass. Mineral and forest hints add to the complexity. Wonderfully intense, this manages to combine both power and elegance. The balance is right on the fulcrum with each component speaking at the same volume as the others. Such precise balance creates a truly extraordinary mouthfeel. As I said to them on the call “Like dragging a silk scarf across a satin bedsheet”. Truly a Pinot-lover’s dream.




    What a spectacular interview. I love Jay’s comment abut how people are learning about wine and not thinking of it as just a beverage.
    I found Jean-Nicolas’ comments on the history of vineyards planting and density in Bourgogne fascinating!
    We will need to put them on our list (our ever growing list, thanks to you) of vineyards to visit when next we can get to the Willamette Valley!

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    • It was a hard one to edit down as we enjoyed it so much and spoke to them for close to two hours. The 3 wines we were able to find here and taste with them virtually were incredible and we’ll definitely be visiting in person as soon as we’re able. Can’t wait to hear what you think of their wines when you get a chance!

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    Bravo! 👏 Excellent & very interesting interview! Can’t wait to try Domaine Nicolas-Jay if you haven’t already bought every bottle in BC! #roadtripready 🍷 Thank you Chris & Ally!

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    • You will LOVE their wines…absolutely spectacular! We will definitely share with you…as for Fred, only if he behaves ;)!

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