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Wine Country Eats: Chablis

Wine Country Eats: Chablis

Posted on Mar 27, 2024

Chablis France wine bar

A wine and food pairing paradise.

For such a small village, Chablis definitely isn’t short of excellent places to eat. I guess we should expect that from a country with such a renown gastronomic scene. We spent a magical few days there last October which was both a blessing, but also slightly frustrating. A blessing in that we barely saw any other tourists and enjoyed winery visits that were both relaxed and private. A curse in that we missed out on *two highly recommended restaurants due to the owners taking a well-earned holiday after dealing with said tourists! Nonetheless, we discovered three spots that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for anyone visiting Chablis, and now have even more reason to return to see if the ones we missed will live up to the hype. Based on our favourites below, we have no doubt they will.

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