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The Champagne guide

If you’re interested in wine and the name Tyson Stelzer doesn’t sound familiar living in the northern hemisphere, trust us it soon will. His resume presents very notable credentials including current International Wine & Spirit Wine Communicator of the Year. Not just content to being a wine writer, he uses all mediums to reach wine enthusiasts worldwide including authoring numerous articles and books, speaking at wine events worldwide, as well as hosting his own television series. AdVINEtures recently had the privilege to correspond with him about wine, specifically Champagne, given the release of the fourth edition of his 15th book, The Champagne Guide, along with the launch of his personalized Champagne Tour next month. Our only regret is that being halfway around the world meant missing out on meeting him in person. But you can bet by the passion and knowledge in his responses below we’re definitely considering a visit to Australia in the near future. Tyson, as the responses below show, not only knows his subject thoroughly, he communicates it clearly, making it both interesting and it easy to understand.

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