Video AdVINEture: 24 Hours in the Yarra Valley

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

AdVINEtures was recently invited to Australia to host a group of 22 Flight Centre Canada travel consultants and show them the best of the Yarra Valley in 24 hours. Any wine lover will tell you that 24 Hours isn’t nearly enough time to discover any wine region, let alone one we had never been to before! Add the fact that we had no prior knowledge of what wine experience or interests our large group had, and we were in for an interesting challenge. Challenge accepted.

Special thanks to Flight Centre Canada, Tourism Australia, Chateau Yering, Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary, Coldstream Brewery & Yarra Valley Bike Hire for an excellent AdVINEture!

Yarra Valley healesville

Our awesome crew of Flighties.



    Would love to visit Yarra Yarra but certainly not in 24 hours! 🙂 Love me some cute koalas though

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    • Right there with you…it was awesome but definitely needed more time!

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    • We certainly did but would love to be there for a lot longer–ah well, a return trip is in order!

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    How amazing to fit so much diversity in one day! This is a spectacular region that I need to visit! Hmmm…now how to squeeze that into next years WMC trip! The video was fun, informative and so well done. (I especially liked that zoom shot from outside the hotel to the room…that was slick!)

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    • It was a whirlwind and not typically how we would do it but it was a fun 24hrs nonetheless! Definitely aim to get back there!

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    • It was certainly a challenge and definitely not enough time but what an experience!

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    Great video Allison! You’ll definitely have to come back and when you do, let me know so we can have a vino together. I’m about 4 hours from the Yarra in another Victorian wine region called Gippsland 🙂

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    • I definitely will! It was a whirlwind trip but having just a taste of it, I can’t wait to go back and I’d love to visit Gippsland. We’re going to be in Adelaide end of this month but unfortunately a little far this time (!). Will definitely reach out when we’re headed back to Melbourne.

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    • It was a great 24hrs but definitely not ideal…so much wine, so little time!!

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